About TCE

Established in May 1997, TCE is a wholly owned subsidiary of Toppan Inc.

TCE has been the leading photomask company in Taiwan, providing the most advanced technologies and research in order to meet customer’s requirements.

With high motivation, TCE forms close partnerships with semiconductor customers by co-development in advanced research to face future challenges in semiconductor field, and thus building rapidly an increasing number of international customer base.

In order to provide Image Sensor backend production and service, TCE has established OCF (On-Chip Color Filters) Fab production line in February 2013, which mainly focus on color filter production, and able to meet demands of diversified customers.

In the competitive field of semiconductor business, TCE takes great pride in being Asia’s premier photomask manufacturer. From the very start, we have obtained outstanding reputation of “speed” and “accuracy” ── which are the contributing factors to TCE’s corporate success, thus enhancing customer’s success in parallel.